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Mind/Body Ayurvedic Consultation: $100.00 / 1st Visit
Discover your mind/body constitution and receive individual recommendations on exercise, nutrition and stress management to help you achieve a more balanced lifestyle.
Nutritional Consultation: $100.00 / 1st Visit
A review of your general health relative to nutritional status. Laboratory analysis or hair analysis is ordered as needed. Dr. Jordan can devise a dietary program for you, and make recommendations for supplements, including a review of the supplements you are now taking.
Follow-up Consultations: $6 0.00

Please note: The prices listed are for patients paying cash at the time service is rendered and represent a substantial discounting of the fees we will bill your insurance company should you request we do so.

A 15-20% gratuity is suggested for all spa services.

Cancellation Policy:
2 or more services of $90 and above requires a 50% deposit and must be
cancelled 24 hours before scheduled appointment for deposit to be refunded.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Always verify prices at the time you schedule your appointment.